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Organize Project Assets Pro is an After Effects script that very powerfully streamlines how you as a creative can sort, organize and cleanup your Project Panel assets. Take your project management to the next level and keep yourself organized with ease.

Trying to find that render output comp? Looking for your image sequences? Spending too much time sifting through the Project Panel just trying to figure what's where? Organize Project Assets Pro is a quick way to consistently, and professionally organize a project file that you have received or are handing off. Thankfully with Organize Project Assets Pro there is no longer any reason for a messy project.

Organize Project Assets Pro brings lots of new features. Not only is the same core functionality of the original script still available, but you can now also create custom folder structures and use them for a reliable starting template for any new project. Your personal folder structure can be ready for any incoming project to organize project assets into quickly.

Keeping an organized project file is vital to having a project run efficiently, and helps keep your troubleshooting to a minimum. This is why Organize Project Assets Pro is such a valuable utility in any project pipeline.

What users are saying:

"I just wanted to say, this script is so awesomely practical. While testing it, it already integrates itself in my workflow..... After importing new stuff and being sloppy with the structure, I just hit the button and instantly everything is in its place." - Ludwig Tomaschko (Radiometric)

"This script is amazing! Great work David!" - John Filipkowski

Features include:

- KBar support (3 different mode types)

    • Launch your preset as folder template

    • Launch your preset as folder template and organize assets into them

    • Launch the full script with UI access as floating window

- Customize your folder names

- Build your own folder structures

- Extract current project folder structures for fast preset creation

- Assign folder asset type(s)

- Assign folder label color

- Sort footage by:

    • Extension name (Option for lowercase or uppercase name)

    • Date number

    • Day number

    • Framerate

    • Month name

    • Month number

    • Year

    • YYMMDD

    • MMDDYY

    • DDMMYY

- Save presets for easy one click use

- Delete/Modify presets (including the stock examples)

- Restore Stock Presets

    • Will reset the stock values if their values have been altered.

    • Will add missing stock presets back to list if name was altered.

- Option to restrict organizing process to only selected project items.

- Option to ignore selected project items during organizing process.

- Included sample stock presets from industry artists

    • Classic preset (the original classic organization layout)

    • Hotsauce_and_Whisky preset (contributed by James Archibald)

    • Finalfinalusethisone (contributed by Harry Frank)

    • LabelColors (example of label color tokens)

    • MissingAndUnused (sorts missing and unused footage)

    • MoFo_lders (contributed by John Filipkowski)

    • SIMPLE (contributed by Ludwig Tomaschko)

- Minimized mode

- Portable preset file

- After Effects floating window and dockable panel support

- Language localization for German


After Effects CC or newer

Video tutorial can be viewed online by clicking the "Video Tutorial" button within the "About" tab in the script itself or by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your support.

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