X-Particles Crown Splash Project File

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Insydium has included their own custom xpSplash object. This mimics the the same concept as what I had built manually years ago. You are likely better served to use this native object as it contains many more features to control the shape and look of your crown splash. Documention is here: http://docs.x-particles.net/html/splashobject.php

I will keep this file available here for users to study and play with. No more updates will occur to this project file, so this product will now be free.


!!IMPORTANT!! Cinema4D R20 and X-Particles 4 version 742 breaks the xpFlowField readability of the spline setup. This file still works to create the spline source, but requires extra manual steps to get it working with xpFlowField.

1) Right click on the "Vel Cloner" object and baked it by selecting Current State to Object from popup menu.

2) Drag the newly baked object in the xpFlowField "Objects" list.

3) Finally turn off the old object in the list by clicking the green check mark. It should have a red X now. 

I am currently trying to find a better solution. Screen images of these steps are in the gallery above.

X-Particles Crown Splash v4 (updated 01/07/2019)

The download includes a Cinema4D project file, and some screen captures of some preset values.


Before purchasing, please make sure that you are using...

- Cinema4D R19 with X-Particles 4.0.0535 Public Release

- Cinema4D R19 with X-Particles 4.0.0642 Public Release


- Cinema4D R20 with X-Particles 4.0.263 Early Access

- Cinema4D R20 with X-Particles 4.0.0642 Public Release

X-Particles 4 version 742 breaks things. See note at top.

XP EARLY ACCESS IMPORTANT NOTE: Other XP versions may work, but the above versions have been tested and verified. Insydium is constantly updating the Early Access version of X-Particles, so there is the chance that the template file may break. If this happens please let me know and I will try my best to fix the issue if I can. Thanks.


This project file offers a quick start to users who want to dive right into creating crown splashes with X-Particles 4. If you are the DIY type, and would like to learn how to create the basic version of this build you can view the FREE video tutorial here: https://fendrafx.com/tutorial/x-particles-custom-crown-splash/

This video also serves as a user manual as well. It is a great way to better understand how to use the options available in the project.

Purchasing this product helps me continue to provide more VFX based templates, scripts, and tutorials to users like you. The added "+" in the price means that you can donate a higher amount if you feel this is worth more to you than the price I am asking. Every little bit helps, and I appreciate all of it very much.

I've created a full interface consolidating a number of controls into one easy to access location. Some of those options are...

- Trigger frame (when to start splash)

- Duration (length of splash burst)

- Toggle to easily show/hide

* Mesh

* Particles

* Crown guides

* Container boundries

- Crown ring

* Radius

* Spline Count

* Angle

* Scale

* Speed

* Detailing

- Crown Stiffness

- Surface tension

- Flow Field voxel size

- Flow Field falloff

- Splash particle count

- Tank size

- Mesh voxel size

- Mesh smoothing

and more...

Here's that video tutorial link again for the DIY people:


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X-Particles Crown Splash Project File

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